Recently, I came across a thought-provoking article …

Recently, I came across a thought-provoking article where the SEC chair warns about the role of AI in the upcoming financial crisis. It got me thinking about how technology is a dual-edged sword.

While #AI has been pivotal in driving efficiency, automation, and insight in the financial sector, its unchecked growth could lead to potential pitfalls. How many of us pause to consider the ethical implications of the algorithms we deploy or the ripple effects of automation on the broader economy?

Remember the 2008 financial crisis? It was essentially a human-made disaster. But as the financial world becomes more entwined with technology, we must ask: Are we prepared for the challenges that AI might introduce?

From personal experience, the best approach lies in having a human-focused strategy for AI implementation. When it impacts human health, wealth, or livelihood – take extra precautions and understand who will be using the AI system and who will be impacted by it; they are often different people. The financial sector, regulators, and tech leaders need to come together to build frameworks and safeguards.

Regardless of your industry, let’s pledge to put the human impact front and center from the beginning of the AI development process. Let’s ensure we’re not just chasing the next big thing but are also thinking about its long-term implications.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Do you think we’re doing enough to prepare for the future challenges AI might introduce in the financial sector? Drop your insights below! 👇